Hi! I’m bunny.


This is my first photoshoot. I hope you enjoy it!!

Nurse bunny


I spent a lot of time learning important things in nurse school, but I keep getting assigned to enema duty.


Like, patients actually want me to give them an enema.  Weird, right?


Guess I should practice. I need to know how far something should be inserted for the maximum effect. Uh oh. There seems to be a problem.


Well. I think I see the problem: limited access.


Like, what was I thinking?


Much better. Much, much better.


Now, where was I?


I’m ready, Doctor. What? Well, yes, I always give enemas just like this. The patients insist!!

Unfortunately, nurse-patient confidentiality laws prohibit publishing what comes next.  Sorry.


By day, a mild-manner bunny.


But, when danger threatens…


Superbunny to the rescue!!


Up, up, and away, Superbunny!


Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a flying person, you morons. Like, you really can’t tell the difference between a guy in blue and red with a cape, and a bird or an aircraft???


Anyway, I digress. Take to the skies, Superbunny, to punish those evil-doers!


Supergirl (and Superman, for that matter) had absolutely no reason to wear underwear under their superhero costumes. Like, I’m in a hurry to save the world. I’m supposed to worry about panties and a bra? I don’t think so…Superbunny is no different.


Look, ma I’m flying!


I’m the luckiest girl in the world!


Superbunny landing, just like the other superheroes!


Remember the Vilena Pose? It was all the rage in the early part of this century. True, it has nothing to do with being Superbunny, but it’s a nice pose, don’t you agree?

Maid bunny

One of the duties of a bunny is to be a maid.


A maid holds a tea cup and saucer delicately, just like they taught her in maid school.


Hmmm. I do seem to be overdressed. My master will NOT approve. But, not to worry: I can fix that!


Ahhh, that’s better.


It is so much easier to perform my maid chores when I am properly dressed.


Coffee, tea, or me?  Ha ha, that’s the joke. No one here drinks coffee or tea!!

Officer bunny

To protect and serve, that’s my motto!


Officer bunny reporting for duty, Sir! What is my assignment today?


I see; I must get anything I can from the suspect. Hmmmmm, what can I do to convince him to cooperate?


Well, the suspect seems to be paying attention now. What have you got for me, suspect? Give it to me!


Officer bunny uses her best interrogation technique, and soon the suspect gives her what she wants.


Well, that was a mouthful! I guess I should fill out my post-interrogation report now.


What’s that, Sarge? More suspects want to be interrogated?


Well, I’m not sure I have the stomach for it…I just ate. <Wink.>


However, I’m a bunny of many resources. I’m sure I can accommodate anything the suspects want to give me!


Sarge, I have a question for you. Have you seen my pussy?


Help me look for it, please! What’s a bunny without her pussy?


There she is!


I love my pussy. She’s sooooo much fun to play with.


Officer bunny and her pussy, reporting for duty, Sarge!


That’s a nice looking pussy, don’t you agree?

Pussies are fun!

bunny in Space

I leave you with a photo of me on my magic carpet, in a galaxy far, far away.


May the force be with you!!

awa Travels Tip: It’s Valentine’s Day!  Go down the rabbit hole with your favorite snuggle bunny!