Well, the Great Covid-19 Panic of 2020-2021 seems to finally have run its course.  A lot of well-meaning public officials created a lot of really stupid rules, and we smiled and endured them. 


During that time, we travelled to Colorado, Texas, Barbados, Costa Rica, Peru, Belize, Mexico, Norway, and Sweden.  There were many rules, but few other travelers.  We took tens of thousands of photographs that we are still sorting through.  We have a number of articles queued up, and a backlog of many more.

Plus, we have a few oldies but goodies from SciFi conventions we have not had a chance to get to yet.

You will be happy to know that we also plan to include more fantasy photoshoots.

So, although we can find the time to publish only monthly, we will not run out of ideas and stories for a long, long time!!

Happy Travels!