Travel Insurance

I confess that, in my youth, I never used travel insurance. Now it seems foolish not to. For a very small sum, we don’t worry about arriving at our destination and discovering the house we rented doesn’t exist. If we accidentally break something in someone’s house, we’re covered. If our flight is delayed and we miss our connection, we’re covered.

These are the travel insurance companies we’ve used.  Happy travels!

Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel Insurance is an add-on to many online travel sites (such as when booking on Alaska Airlines) and is associated with AAA of California. They provide standard coverage such as:

Trip Cancellation: $300
Trip Interruption: $1,500
Baggage Delay: $200
Travel Delay: $500
Emergency Medical/Dental Coverage: $25,000
Emergency Medical Transportation: $50,000
24-Hr Hotline Assistance: Included
Concierge: Included