Spotlight on Excellence

Each month we turn the spotlight on one organization the we have personally worked with, experienced, enjoyed, and smiled at, and we share that with you. This month we look at Air France.

Air France

When we lived in Europe, Air France (www.airfrance/us) was a favorite of ours. They provide great service and rate high in the Skytrax World Airline Awards.  Air France serves 36 destinations in France and operates worldwide scheduled passenger and cargo services to 168 destinations in 93 countries.

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Affiliate Programs


In olden times (pre-Internet), if you wanted to book a flight, a cruise, a safari, etc., you’d go to a travel agent.  The ticket price charged by the agent would be the same as if you’d purchased directly from the source.  The agent was paid a commission from the airline, cruise company, or safari.

Affiliate programs work the same way. If you click on an affiliate’s link and make a purchase, a small commission is paid to the owner of the magazine (us).  The cost to you is the same as if you’d purchased without clicking on the affiliate link.

Why do we (and other organizations) do this?  In a small part because it helps pay for the cost of maintaining this blog.  But mostly because we have used most of the products and services we are affiliated with, and we think you’d enjoy them, too.  By clicking on our affiliate links, you are helping us spread the word.

Basically, we tell you of our experiences and provide links to the products and services mentioned. You don’t have to click on the link if you don’t want to.

But if you did, it would make us happy.  🙂

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The list of rules is quite extensive and can be found online for the various programs. (For example, use google to search for “TripAdvisor affiliate program rules”.)  In addition, the FTC has guidelines that we follow.

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