About our Magazine

Another Wacky Adventure Travels is a labor of love.  We publish these stories because we want to share our experiences and adventures, and we want to give others the same opportunity.

We write about different travels, experiences, and adventures in no particular order.  We write in the present tense because that’s how we remember. In our memory, “We walk to the beach and immediately see turtles”. Remembering the past brings it to the present, so that is how we describe it.

We do our best to publish once every week.

Cats: teaching relaxation techniques to people around the world.

We have staff, Sophie and Arianna, but they are more about being comfortable than actually contributing.

Why “Another Wacky Adventure Travels”?

We considered many different names for our magazine. 

We love islands and thought to incorporate “island” in the name.  We wish that, 20 years ago, we had decided to visit one island each year at a different spot on the globe.  But, alas, we did not do that.  And besides, our adventures encompass much more than islands.

For us, all our adventures are romantic. Perhaps we should focus on romantic aspects…?  But a little research showed the broad variation of perceptions of “romantic”.  US travel magazines tend to show well-dressed couples (with the man wearing a watch, for some reason), looking bored on a cruise ship.  Some romance-based advertisements focus on eating; other advertisements focus on crowded events such as Carnival.  These notions must be common or advertisers would not embrace them.  Still, none of them illustrated our ideas of romance, so we put aside that idea.

We asked ourselves, in the most general terms, what do we like to do?  How do we like to experience adventure?  But it was easier to list the things we don’t enjoy: cruises, bus tours, safaris, tour groups, crowds — all the things, for us, that take away freedom and adventure. We like to find our own way, to have a sense of discovery, to be on our own. Sure, we may miss something that tour groups see, but we find things that tour groups aren’t able to see, and those things become special for us.

Case in point: We were once in a rental car on Maui and stopped behind a tour bus at a waterfall.  We climbed down the hill and swam in the pool beneath the falls. The folks on the tour bus took a few photographs of us, then dutifully boarded the bus and left.  I’m sure they heard the history of the falls; we swam in it.

And it was on that very island of Maui where my wife and I climbed into our convertible the day after our wedding and I looked at her and said, “Off on another wacky adventure.”

And the idea stuck.

We hope, dear reader, that you enjoy our adventures and are inspired to create your own.

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”  Martin Buber, The Legend of the Baal-Shem.